About Wrestle Bros

Wrestle Bros is a professional wrestling game that takes place in a large arena. Your goal is to defeat all the opponents in the world to win.

Entering the game you will find this is a fierce and thrilling wrestling arena. In the game, you need to hone your skills of thinking and nimble movements, as you have to anticipate attacks from your opponent and react appropriately to gain an advantage. Besides, you need to build a reputation and climb rank to become the ultimate champion.

Many characters for you to choose

The game gives you many choices of characters participating in wrestling. Each character has their own unique set of moves and abilities. Character changes will give you different experiences, so don't be afraid to change your character for better levels.

Exciting music

One of the features that make the game so appealing to the audience is the adrenaline-filled soundtrack included in the game. These tracks create more excitement and immersion in a wrestling game of this caliber.

How to control the character

You can join the game in 2 modes that are 1P or 2P. In each different mode, there will be different control methods. Here are instructions on how to control characters in 1P and 2P modes:

1P mode

Use A/D or right/left arrow keys to move

Use the W key or up arrow key to jump

Use the S key or the down arrow key to bow

Use G or L or space to attack

2P mode

Player 1: Use WASD keys to move, G key to attack

Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, L key to attack