About Wrestle Jumping

Wrestle Jumping is an exciting two-player game not to be missed. Your task in this game is to hit your opponent's head on the floor by jumping.

 To earn points, use your wrestling prowess to attempt to knock your opponent's head to the ground. If you head your opponent to the ground and they fall, you win. To score points, you must make your adversary thrash their head on the ground. The game is won by the first player to accumulate 5 points. Both are superb. Laugh and play!

 You can pick between two modes. Play online multiplayer to compete against players from all over the world, play two-player mode to challenge a friend nearby, or play single-player versus a computer. In this action combat game, collect coins to unlock new skins. Your multiplayer wins how often the leaderboard is updated.


  • A humorous wrestling game with distinctive physics
  • 3 various game modes, including solo, two players, and online play versus people all over the world, are available.
  • Produced at random
  • Parameters that are specific to your playing style
  • A global multiplayer mode to compete against other players

How to play

  • Player 1 clicks left on the button on the screen or hit W.
  • Player 2 clicks left on the button on the screen or hit M.