About Zombie Last Castle 3

Zombie Last Castle 3 is the third version of a fantastic action game in which you can cooperate to kill all zombie waves. Exterminate ten waves to win!

In this game, the zombies will come in waves. they will come more and more. To protect your life as well as those around you, you must stand up to fight and kill all of them. You can fight alone or cooperate with a companion. If you cooperate, the battle will be a lot easier. What will be your choice? Single or cooperative?

Your mission is to survive 10 waves of zombies to victory. There is a small note for you. If you are playing the game in 1 player, don't hit the newly added medical characters. Get support from them to help your base last for a longer time. Don't forget to use the newly added cobweb defense system.

Features of Zombie Last Castle 3

  • Cooperation
  • Cool and colorful graphics
  • Multiplayer

How to control

  • Player 1: Move: W, A, S, D; Switch Gun: Q; Go in/out Base: E
  • Player 2: Move: ARROW KEYS; Switch Gun: .; Go in/out Base: L
  • Player 3: Move: Y, G, H, L; Switch Gun: T; Go in/out Base: U
  • P.S: Use MOUSE to activate Weapons and Power-ups.

Release Date

Jan 04, 2022