About Zombie Tsunami

Join the fun running game Zombie Tsunami now! You will control a zombie running through the chaotic streets, overcoming obstacles, and collecting more teammates.

Are you ready to join a zombie race on the street? A beautiful city suddenly turned chaotic because of zombies everywhere. A large number of zombies roam the streets in the online game Zombie Tsunami! You become disoriented in a crowded metropolis while acting like an ecstatic zombie. You keep running. You navigate through the car's on-road obstacles. On this voyage, you gather cash and, most importantly, recruit other partners. If you have many partners, you will have more strength to conquer challenging problems.

You need to pay attention to some of the following things when playing Zombie Tsunami. Pay close attention to the barriers first; if you lack the strength to push them, jumping is the best option. Through the openings, leap. To avoid losing points for your teammates if you have a large squad, attempt to execute the jumps precisely. Pushing large impediments, such as vehicles or even airplanes, can help you recruit teammates. Additionally, you must pay close attention to avoid hitting any of the bombs that will be appearing. The coins you earn can be used to purchase tools or accessories to aid you at the store.

How to play

Left click to jump.