About Zuma Mystic India

Welcome to a ball shoot in India. Zuma Mystic India is an entirely new version of Zuma's outstanding online game. This time, we visit India, a stunning nation in the world. Enjoy it and tell your friends about it! Its gameplay is identical to Zuma's. Indian melodies will lull you to sleep at this location. By gathering three or more balls of the same color, you must smash the solid balls. This free flash game's colors and animations are impressive, and Mystic India Pop is a highly competent rendition of Zuma.

How to conquer many interesting levels in this game

To make the balls disappear, arrange them in a row of three or more of the same hue. The game is over when the balls land in the center of the field. Get bonus points if your ball row contains four or more balls. To combine three or more balls of the same color, click to shoot a ball. The game is over when all the balls have been shot onto the taxiway.

In the event that there is room on the line, you can also throw the ball over a fence. The chain's motion will quicken if you miss. Never allow the balls to reach the goal line. The goal is to match balls of the same color to make the chain shorter until no balls are left. Start a fun ball-shooting game with 13 increasingly difficult levels.