Basket Random


Basket Random is an addictive sports game. Your mission is to control your stickman basketball players to throw the ball into the opposing team’s basket.

You are a big fan of basketball, but you cannot go out to play it with your friends because of a lockdown, right? Don’t worry! Click to play Basket Random now. It will definitely cheer you up and meet your passion. Both “1PLAYER mode” and “2PLAYER mode” are available in this game, so you can enjoy it with your friend or a CPU controlled by a computer at home. 

There are two teams in a match and each team includes 2 members. Choose your favorite team and attend interesting basketball matches right now! Your objective is to fight and score as many field goals as possible to win over the opposing team. It is difficult to control stickmen because they are uncontrollable and their movements are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to use your quick fingers and reflexes to control them to jump, move into the opposing team’s court, steal the ball from the opponents, and score. Try your best to perform impressive slam-dunks and get a high score. The team that gets five scores first will be the winner. The playing field and player uniform will change after each match, so you will have a chance to practice basketball in different areas and under weather conditions. 

Features of Basketball Random

  • Various playing fields
  • Easy to control
  • Bright 2D graphics 
  • An energetic soundtrack

This game was released in April 2020.


Now, this game is available through a web browser and Android app.

How to play

  • PLAYER 1: Press a “W” key to control

  • PLAYER 2: Press a “UP ARROW” key to control