2 Player Imposter Soccer


2 Player Imposter Soccer is a 2-player soccer game with a very fun Among. Join the ball game to score a lot of goals and win now!

 In the 2 Player Imposter Soccer game, there was an extremely attractive football match between 2 players characters Among. In this world, you are a professional player with many fans coming to watch and cheer at this football field. This match consists of only 2 players and they will compete for solo against each other to find the winner. You can play against bots or play in 2-players mode with friends.
 You can use your skills to dribble with basic skills like jumping, forward and backward. Gain points by dribbling and hitting the ball accurately into the opponent's goal. After 90 seconds the ball game will end with the winner who scores the most goals. Besides, you can use diamonds after the battle to unlock new characters with more professional skills.

  • When playing with bots, you need to really focus and use skills accurately and at the right time to both prevent shots from the opponent and attack to score.
  • When playing in 2-player mode. You and your friends will control and play on 1 computer. Don't let studying distract you. Be calm in all situations to not concede goals and be able to give accurate shots and score a lot.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, you will see instructions appear right under the character.