Basket io

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About Basket io

Join the Basket io game to become the champion in the basketball shooting competition. There will be many baskets ahead and you will compete with other players in this fun Basket io game.

Inspired by a Basket Random sports game, Basket io will bring you a whole new feeling of playing basketball. The person who hits the ball the most will win this contest. You need to control your character to score as many points as possible.

However, it is not easy to score in this game. The baskets are arranged in 3 rows with different scores. The closest row gives you 1 point while the middle row gives you 2 points. The highest score is the furthest row with 3 points. Note that the baskets will move continuously. Therefore, you not only aim to throw the ball but also have to time it correctly. It is very difficult to score if you can't time the ball. This basketball game is extremely challenging for new players. If you have ever played the Street Ball Jam game, you will find this game much simpler than the Basket io game.

Moreover, you will have to compete with 2 other players. These 2 players have good pitching ability. You will need to try a lot to beat them. Each round lasts 30 seconds.

Tips for playing the Basket io game

  • Focus on this basketball game to be able to score as many goals as possible.
  • Don't let other players distract you. Just focus on the ball and the basket until the time is up.
  • This game has simple gameplay. But it's not easy to score. You need to text correctly so that the ball can hit the basket.
  • Also, you need to pay attention to the time. Since the time is very short, you should not delay anything. Be really focused and aim for the basketball hoop.

How to control: The gameplay is very simple. Click to make your character jump and throw the ball.