Basket Slam

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About Basket Slam

Basket Slam is an active game where you have to throw the balls into the basket. It seems easy to play, but it requires your exact calculation.

Features of Basket Slam

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Easy to control
  • Suitable for kids

You love sport, but you don’t have time to play outside. Come to Basket Slam and play sports online. You also try the Street Ball Jam game for free to enjoy the basketball game. In the Basket Slam game, you are a pro basketball player, you need to throw the ball into the basket. You have 7 tries, and each time the ball is thrown into the basket, you get some coins. Then, you can use the number of coins to buy new balls. There are many balls for you to choose from like a red ball, yellow ball, or colored ball. You need to calculate carefully the distance between the ball and the basket before releasing the ball.

Come to Basket Slam, you will be a pro basketball player. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the game and have a comfortable time. Good luck!

How to control

  • Use your mouse if you play on the computer.
  • If you play on mobile, touch the screen to draw a line and release.
  • New rules of the Basket Slam game

Unlike the Basket Random game, you will not throw the ball directly into the basket. Instead, you must use a wooden stick. This stick can be placed anywhere on the playing screen. You have to throw the ball into this wood and then the ball will bounce. Adjust the force and angle for the shadow. The wooden sticks can move, so you will face many difficulties while playing. You get a different score after each throw. The less your ball hits the basket frame, the higher score you get.