About Basketball Slam Dunk

Basketball Slam Dunk game is a sports game with amazing Retro-Pixel graphics. Join this exciting game now to show off your basketball skills to your friends!


  • A Dunkers-inspired 2D physics-based basketball game.
  • Simple character graphics.
  • Lively fun sounds on a basketball court.
  • The gameplay is simple but very fun.

Assist your amusing-looking pal in tossing the ball into the ring. Jump into the air and swing your arms down, hoping to catch the ball. Because you only have one life, there is no room for error. If the ball does not enter the circle, the game is over. Continue to improve your basketball abilities in order to climb the leaderboards. There are some similar games on my website like the Basketball Stars game. You can immerse yourself in intense basketball matches while enjoying impressive graphics and effects. This game brings you an opportunity to play basketball in a reality-based theme.

This basketball game is a two-player retro-pixel basketball game. When mentioning pixel art, you can remember the Basket Random game which is one of the most popular games about pixel basketball. You have the option of playing against the machine or with your friends. Jump around from side to side and control your basketball player's arm to throw the ball and score goals. The game is won by the first player to score three points.

How to play the Basketball Slam Dunk game

You will control your character by pressing and holding the left mouse button to create a path for your character. Release it to start. Your character will move according to this guide. There is a basket in a random position. You need to guide your character so that this guy can reach the basket and throw the ball correctly. Each time the ball is successful, you will receive points and coins. However, this control is not easy because your character holds the ball with his hands. When moving close to the basket, your character will throw the ball. You not only need to move the character to the basket but also have to determine the position and movement force for the character. In many cases, your character can move correctly but cannot throw the ball into the basket. It is unfortunate when such cases happen.

The movement in this game is difficult. However, this game does not have obstacles or opponents to compete with. You can play this game alone to enjoy the most comfortable feeling. Besides, it is suitable for all ages to join this basketball game. Let's start this game now!


There are 13 balls in the Basketball Slam Dunk game. You can unlock them at different prices. You can unlock simple balls with 10 to 25 coins. However, there are also 80 or 150 coin balls. The more expensive the ball is, the more it takes you to exciting experiences. Note that you can collect coins from rounds.