Basketball Swooshes


 Basketball Swooshes- the most popular online basketball game today. Join a thrilling basketball game in this amazing game! Can you win? If you love the sport of basketball then I believe you can win this match. Try to use all your energy into the match to score as many balls in the opponent's basket!

 In this fun online basketball game, pick your favorite team and try to prove to the world that you are the best. Represent your country or another by making it through the group stages, then attempting to win the tournament by making it through the group stages. After you lose or win the entire game, you will receive your final score.


  • Basket Swooshes is a basketball game in which you must get through the group stages and win the tournament to advance to the next round.
  • 10x10games create basketball swooshes.
  • Start by selecting one of the 32 countries represented in the group stages. The squad that scores 11 points first wins!
  • The knockout stage begins once the group stage has been won (or skipped). To qualify for the finals, you must win all of your matches.

How to play

 Move the mouse pointer to select the direction to throw the ball. After the puzzle, click the left mouse button to throw the ball in the direction of the mouse pointer.