Basketball With Buddies

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About Basketball With Buddies

Basketball With Buddies is a basketball game to challenge your best friend to see who will win. Improve basketball skills, and compete for the championship now!


  • 2D images with vibrant colors
  • Several levels
  • Gameplay that is difficult to master
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Rivals in real-time

Welcome to the Basketball With Buddies game! Coming to this game, you can compete with other players like in the Basket Random game. However, the rules of the game will change. Besides, the graphics of this game also changed. 2D colorful graphics are used instead of pixel art. Therefore, players can enjoy more exciting basketball games.

Your mission in the Basketball With Buddies game

Like the Five Hoops game, your goal in this sports game is to score the maximum points by dunking on the basketball hoop. However, the gameplay of this game has some different features. When the round begins, you will be given a 60-second countdown. You may put your dunking abilities to the test against your real-time opponents.

The basketball hoop slides across the screen, and by clicking left on your mouse, you may toss the ball into the hoop. If you completed the dunk with the emojis on the left side of the screen, you will be notified. Remember that you will be competing against real-time gamers in this game. As a result, you'll watch your opponent's game on the upper part of the screen. Pick a player and prepare to slam as much as possible in 60 seconds!

How to control: Use the mouse to hit the ball