About Blumgi Ball

Do you love basketball very much? It's time to satisfy your biggest hobby with Blumgi Ball game. This game is a great combination of sports and puzzles. The world's cutest basketball players, such as adorable animals like crows or frogs, will be participating in this competition. To throw the ball into the basket correctly, you must calculate the force and direction of the ball. You will receive rewards for completing each level when you unlock chests with dozens of additional characters. Start playing Blumgi Ball to explore its hundreds of levels.

How to conquer the challenge in the game Blumgi Ball

Clearly define the task to be done

Scoring fast is your goal in the Blumgi Ball game. Jumping between points on the map will allow you to teleport and take advantage of unlimited possibilities. A strong opponent is one who can deliver many accurate hits. Slingshot mechanics In this game make it completely different from Basket Random basketball game.

How to throw the ball with the slingshot mechanism

To throw, pull the indicator needle to set the desired force, then release. Right mouse pointer on the target to aim and shoot your balls. You will throw harder if you pull the rope farther. If you click again while the ball is in the air or press the spacebar, your player will teleport there.