About Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is an exciting soccer-themed game based on the dinosaur egg-shooting version. Aim and take shots to destroy as many balls as you can.


  • An amazing ball game following the dinosaur egg shooting game
  • Novel football game
  • Unique graphics including players and colorful balls
  • Cheerful sounds help you have a pleasant entertainment time.

The gameplay of the Bubble Soccer game

If you are a fan of football games and novelty I am sure you will like the Bubble Soccer game. Like the Pill Soccer game and the Penalty Kick Wiz game, this game has a soccer theme. Your task is to make shots to destroy as many balls as possible. Time is limited. The ball is gradually pushed down and if you do not break them in time you will quickly lose. The gameplay is completely similar to the dinosaur shooting game, but Bubble Soccer is replaced with football-themed graphics. This is a great suggestion for those who love the sport and are looking for a unique novelty.

The gameplay is very simple. If you've ever played the game of shooting dinosaur eggs, at Bubble Soccer you just need to do the same thing. How to destroy many balls? Balls of the same color will be destroyed if you hit the same position. 3 or more balls if you can shoot a ball of the same color then all those balls will be destroyed. However, consider carefully otherwise it will be very easy to hit the wrong position, and destroying the ball will be more difficult.

How to control

  • Move the mouse while holding the left mouse button so that each alignment name appears.
  • If you have determined the direction and target, then release the mouse to make the shot.