About Cannon Basketball

Cannon Basketball is a great online basketball game. It is the perfect combination of puzzles and basketball. Start the game now to break the basketball puzzle record!

Features of the Cannon Basketball game

  • Use the basketball theme as the Basketbros game
  • Various levels to solve puzzles
  • Easy control and simple mechanics
  • Overcome obstacles to complete a level

Your task is to control a cannon with cannon balls replaced by basketballs and aim to shoot so that the ball will hit the basket to score points. This gameplay is not similar to other basketball games like the Basket Random game. However, it will not be easy to complete the task because there will be challenges set for each level. The path of the ball to the basket will be blocked by a variety of obstacles such as wooden gaps and walls. You need to analyze and come up with the most suitable shot to shoot the balls over any obstacles to reach the basket.

Tips for playing the Cannon Basketball game

  • For puzzle games, your intelligence will help you easily find the best solution.
  • First, you need to familiarize yourself with the game rules and the obstacles, and the ways to overcome them
  • Give it a try if you have an idea to overcome obstacles. However, it may fail after a few tries, but don't give up. Trouble will be removed gradually and you will find the correct way to shoot the ball and score points.