About Classic Bowling

Classic Bowling is a unique game for lovers of bowling. Your task is similar to a real Bowling game. Spill all the pins and try to gain the highest score.

How long has it been since you played Bowling? If you are too busy to go bowling directly at the shopping centers, don't worry, You can play this interesting bowling game to release your bowling hobby. Like the Basket Random game, this game is a really simple game but it simulates surprisingly realistically. Surely this great game will bring you unforgettable experiences of a fun bowling session! Start bowling and get lots of points now! This game is fun and has inspired many other online games like the Hit Cans 3D game where you have to throw a ball to knock over the cans.


  • You should make your character come to the middle of the bowling lanes and use the most power to throw the ball in the middle of the bottles.
  • When you throw a second time with a little bottle, you should throw gently.
  • To play this game you do not need to be an expert bowling player.
  • It is really simple and will have very easy-to-understand initial instructions.
  • In addition, jute can be considered a great game to practice bowling skills.
  • Try to determine the exact direction of the ball. And the important thing is to throw the ball so that it goes right to the target of the bottles and knocks them over.

Some things to know about this bowling game

Bowling Lane

The bowling alley in this game is designed like a real-life bowling alley. It will have two gutters on either side. If you throw the ball incorrectly, the ball will move into these two gutters. Note that if a ball falls down the gutter and bounces back into the pins, points will not be counted.

Bowling Pins

This game is a realistic bowling simulation, so you can see 10 pins on the play screen. This is your goal. These pins are arranged in a triangle with 4 rows. Row one has 1 pin numbered 1. Row 2 has 2 pins with numbers 2 and 3. Row 3 has 3 pins with numbers 4,5,6. Row 4 has 4 pins with numbers from 7 to 10. When you throw the ball, points will be calculated based on the position of the pins.


You will be bowling over 10 frames. Each frame is a throw. Try to knock down as many pins as possible. You have 2 chances to throw the ball. If you knock down all the pins on the first turn, you get an extra turn on the 10th frame.

Lingo in the bowling game

  • Strike: Knock down all pins on the first throw.
  • Spare: Knock down all the pins in the second throw.
  • Split: You knock down the pins in the middle and leave the pins on either side on the first throw. It is challenging to be able to throw all the remaining pins on the second throw.
  • Turkey: You get 3 strikes in a row.
  • Open Frame: This is the name for all the remaining pins.


  • If you create an Open Frame, you will receive points based on the pins that have been knocked.
  • If you win Spare, you will see a slash on your scoreboard. You will get 10 points plus the number of pins you knock that turn. For example, if you knock 3 pins after the first turn, you will get 13 points. On the 2nd turn, you knock 2 pins. You will get 15 points.
  • If you win the Spike, you get an X on the scoreboard. Spike will give you 10 points plus the score of the next two throws.
  • The highest score a bowling player can achieve is 300 points.