Dunk Shot


Dunk Shot is an exciting ball sports game in which you will use a basket to shoot a ball to another basket to gain a point. Try to get the highest score!

Welcome to the new sports game on our website! Come to this game to experience playing basketball in a new way! Are you curious about this game? Let's start the game and enjoy it!

In this game, you are not a basketball player and you also don't compete with other players. Instead of this, you will control the basket of the basketball to throw the ball from one basket to another one by pressing the left mouse button and dragging the mouse to aim. If you want to shoot, release it. Each successful shot brings you a point. The game is endless, so try to get the highest score. Miss shot is dead.

This game has simple mechanics and easy controls. You can easily steer the basket to aim and shoot.

Features of Dunk Shot

  • The intriguing and fun sports game
  • Infinite game
  • Try to get the highest score

How to control

  • Press and drag the left mouse button to aim
  • Release it to shoot