About Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is an exciting ball sports game to shoot a ball to another basket to gain a point. Try to get the highest score and unlock pretty balls and theme!

Welcome to the new sports game on our website! Come to this game to experience playing basketball in a new way! Are you curious about this game? Let's start the game and enjoy it!

Features of Dunk Shot

  • The intriguing and fun sports game
  • Infinite game
  • Try to get the highest score

This game is inspired by basketball games like the Basket Random game where you can play intense basketball games against your opponents. However, this game has had improvements to make players enjoy it. You will not play basketball as two players. You will participate in this game by using the basket to catch the ball. Novel gameplay will make the game enjoyable. In addition, like the Basketbros game, this game has simple mechanics and easy controls. You can easily steer the basket to aim and shoot. This game is suitable for all ages to play basketball anywhere and anytime.

The gameplay of this sports game

In this game, you are not a basketball player and you also don't compete with other players. Instead of this, you will control the basket of the basketball to throw the ball from one basket to another one by pressing the left mouse button and dragging the mouse to aim. If you want to shoot, release it. Each successful shot brings you a point. The game is endless, so try to get the highest score. Miss shot is dead.

How to control

  • Press and drag the left mouse button to aim
  • Release it to shoot

Challenges in the Dunk Shot game

There are 5 challenges in the Dunk Shot game. You can play any challenge you want. They are New Ball, Limit Time, Achievement, Bounce, and Accurate.

  • New Ball requires you to get the required number of points to unlock a new ball.
  • Limit Time requires you to hit the target for 9 seconds to win purple diamonds. You can challenge multiple times until you complete the challenge. This challenge is not difficult if you have the ability to aim accurately. Reaching the destination is when you complete 5 baskets. This amount is not much. However, the time limit will make it difficult for you because you don't have much time to aim. Therefore, you can miss it many times.
  • Achievements take you to the challenge to win admirable achievements. You will receive purple diamonds when completed. There are many achievements for you.
  • The first achievement is to get 10 points. If you miss, you will have to replay the challenge. You will not be able to easily complete the tasks in this section.
  • Bounce will also give you a number of purple diamonds. You need to bounce the ball to the target.
  • Accurate requires you to reach the golden basket to complete the mission and win the purple diamonds. The amount of diamonds depends on the difficulty of each mission. You will go through many normal baskets before you can reach the golden basket.

Shop to buy items


  • There are 42 balls that you can unlock by stars.
  • There are 9 balls that can only be unlocked by watching ads.
  • There are 10 balls unlocked by doing challenges.
  • There are 18 balls that are activated by completing specific tasks in the shop. Getting these balls is not easy. The missions just got harder. However, the results you achieve are completely worth it. The beautiful balls will belong to you.
  • In the Dunk Shot game, there are a total of 79 balls for you to use.


There are 9 different themes in the Dunk Shot game. Each theme is a different location. These include Classic, Sky, Notebook, Vikings, Circus, Lights, Forest, and Egypt. You need to unlock them with 100-500 purple diamonds. The amount of diamonds you use depends on the type of map you get.