Epic Basketball


 Epic Basketball is an extremely entertaining arcade-style basketball game. You will play as a clown and perform basketball on the street.
 Why does the clown appear now appear in a street and not a circus? This is so strange. But perhaps he is a clown who brings joy to people through his circus acts. But he loves basketball very much, so after every performance, he often goes to play basketball to satisfy his passion.
 Your task in this game is very simple. You will play basketball in the most relaxing way. Not a dramatic match. Not at a professional court. And especially without an audience following you. You can freely play basketball by making throws. A great entertaining game. Let's experience it now!

 To be able to play well in this game and help the clown score a lot of points. The only thing you need is the ability to aim the ball to hit the basket. It's really not that difficult, is it? Let's have fun playing basketball right now!