About Football Killer

Football Killer is an exciting puzzle game to play soccer while eliminating your opponents. Use your football skills to kick and kill enemies!

Have you ever heard about the football killer? Come to this game to know what is a football killer! The balls you use will not simply be to participate in football matches like in the Soccer Random game anymore. A ball assassin will use the ball as a weapon. This is an exciting feature of this game. It is entirely new compared to normal football games. Start this game to show off your soccer skills and discover a new game. Another new game, the Basket Random game, also will bring you great relaxing moments. Wish you have fun moments with these sports games!

Features of Football Killer

  • The interesting sports game
  • Various levels with different maps and challenges
  • Unlock new skins

The gameplay of this soccer game

In this game, you will transform into a soccer player as well as a soccer killer. Why? Because you use a ball to kick and eliminate your opponents instead of other weapons such as guns and knives. You will have to face various challenges because each level has unique difficulties, obstacles, and a different number of your opponents. They can stand in different positions. Use five provided balls to complete the level and proceed to the next level.

Your ball has unique abilities to destroy obstacles and exterminate your rivals. Note that you can unlock new skin for your character using coins.

How to control: Click and swipe your mouse to aim and shoot

Shop in the Football Killer game


There are 25 different shirts in the Football Killer game. The default shirt will be free for you to participate in football matches. Subsequent shirts require you to unlock them before using them. These shirts are designed in a variety of features and colors. You can unlock these shirts with 500 coins which are earned from rounds. Buy your favorite shirts to join the matches. These shirts make matches more interesting.


There are 28 different hairstyles in this soccer game. To unlock new hairstyles, you need to use 400 coins. Each hairstyle will give a different look to your character. There are hairstyles that make your character cooler. However, there are also hairstyles that make your character funny.


Do you think it is not possible to wear glasses while playing football? This game lets you do just that with 27 different styles of glasses. Besides, you can win 3 special glasses after achieving certain successes. These glasses are so unique that you will not be disappointed. Each glass costs 500 coins.


Your character can have 20 beards. Each beard costs 400 coins. There are 2 special beards that are unlocked when you win achievements.


Balls are indispensable in football matches. There are 12 balls that are individually designed. Each ball has a different look. To unlock these balls, you need to watch ads. Each ad gives you a ball.


This game also gives you 12 accessories to beautify your character. These accessories will be worn on the character's back. Watch ads to unlock accessories. There are 2 special accessories that are only unlocked when you win admirable achievements.