Football Killer


 Football Killer is an exciting puzzle game in which you have to play soccer to eliminate your opponents. Use your football skills to kick and kill enemies!

 Have you ever heard about the football killer? Come to this game to know what is a football killer!

 In this game, you will transform into a soccer player as well as a soccer killer. Why? Because yous use a ball to kick and eliminate your opponents instead of other weapons such as guns and knives. You will have to face various challenges because each level has unique difficulties, obstacles, and a different number of your opponents.  They can stand in different positions. Use five provided balls to complete the level and proceed to the next level.  

 Your ball has special abilities to destroy obstacles and exterminate your rivals. Note that you can unlock new skin for your character using coins.

 Features of Football Killer

  • The interesting sports game
  • Various levels with different maps and challenges
  • Unlock new skins

 How to control

  • Click and swipe  your mouse to aim and shoot