About iScribble.IO

Scribble.IO is an awesome idle game. Paint your colors on a playing field of opponents with different colors. Your task is to move and expand your color area.

Come to the iScribble.IO game to enjoy a fun arcade game. Your task is to control your square block to move and color to expand the area. Each player has a different color. You can choose your favorite color for your character to join this game. iScribble.IO is a great stress reliever game. It is something that has been researched and proven by scientists, so this is really a useful game for everyone.

The gameplay is very simple. you just control your color block to move and it will color the places it goes through. However, you need to close the circle before an opponent wants to crash into you. If you do not close your color circle before the opponent approaches, you will be eliminated from the game immediately. The last person left in this game is the winner. it means you need to open up your range as wide as possible until it's all filled with your color space. If you want to challenge yourself with a new game, you can play the Military Shooter Training game to continue your relaxing journey.

Tips for playing the Scribble.IO game

  • What you need to do is look at the map. if you look at the main screen then you will be very easily attacked and eliminated by your opponent. Take a look at the map and always be on the lookout for other color names around you.
  • There will be colors similar to yours that confuse you. If you hit them while it has circled you will be eliminated. So you also pay attention to this to be able to maintain the game longer.

How to control: Use your mouse to move your color block.