Merge Face

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About Merge Face

Merge Face is a simple game where you have to merge faces into one. You can play Merge Face with your friends and family! The more people playing, the merrier.

You can see many faces in this game. Each face has a unique number. Try to create a collection of faces of the same number to merge and form a face with a higher number. In the limited steps, how many points can you gain? Play this game and show your abilities!

In order to play this game, you can click on faces to increase their number. It is easy to control. Besides the Merge Face game, you also play other games with simple gameplay such as Jenga Demolish Master, Breakfast Time, and Basket Random.

How to play the Merge Face game

Merge Face is a highly unique Match 3 game because, unlike other games of the same genre, the color of the squares is not fixed. You must click on the squares to advance in the game. The hues of the squares change. after the squares When a square's color is the same as the square next to it, that square can be eliminated. There are numerous gaming props available for use.