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About Multi Maze 3D

Welcome to Multi Maze 3D, a fascinating puzzle game for single players! Let's start this puzzle game if you want to test your skills with tricky puzzles. Are you ready?

Like Spongy Rolling Magnet Ball, there are different levels in this game. You can play and enjoy each level because each level gives you different puzzles.

Multi Maze 3D Download

Now, you cannot download this game on our website. Play the Multi Maze 3D game online to enjoy the wonderful experience. It is easy to access this game on our website. After playing this game, you can try Squid Sniper Game and Basket Random to have more experience.

How to win

Your task is to draw paths for the balls to bring them to the cups below. Once you reach this goal, you can proceed to the next levels.

However, it is difficult because you may encounter obstacles. Avoid them and continue your journey. In addition, you also can collect white balls to increase the number of your balls.