Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2


 Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2 is an intriguing sports game in which you have to control your character to play basketball. Gain more points to win!

 Transform into adorable cartoon characters and participate in thrilling basketball games. Your task is to try to score as many goals as possible in the allotted time while preventing your opponent from scoring. In particular, this game has added new features about super powers and obstructing the ball. You can hit your opponent to win the ball. Collect randomly assigned superpowers and use them to your advantage. You can get great shoes for a basketball competition.

This game has 4 different modes, including Quick Match, Championship, All-Stars, and Hall Of Fame.

 Quick Match allows you to play basketball in 2 modes 1 player and 2 players. Championships mode takes you into the world of level-based basketball. Explore and complete all the levels in this mode. All-Stars mode allows you to become many different characters to score as many points as possible. The Hall of Fame will be the place where you can keep track of the achievements of other players.

 Features of Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2

  • The second level of this sports game series
  • 4 game modes
  • Gain more points to win

 How to control

  1. Left or right arrow to move
  2. Up arrow to jump
  3. Space bar to hit an opponent and shoot the ball