Power Badminton

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About Power Badminton

Join the biggest badminton tournament in Power Badminton game now! Can you be a world champion badminton player? That's entirely possible when you join.

Power Badminton is a single-player sport in which the player must score more points than his opponent in order to win. Choose a character, enter the arena, and demonstrate your badminton prowess by defeating all of the other competitors! Playing badminton in this game will be a new experience for many players. You can play basketball in the Basket Random game. You can also play volleyball in the Pill Volley game. Coming to this game, it is a new challenge for sports lovers to play badminton. Have you played all the sports yet? You can go to the Hot Games section to choose the most popular sports games and experience them. All these games will bring you exciting moments of relaxation like this Power Badminton game.

Start Playing badminton against smart opponents in the world championship badminton tournament. Use your Short, Long, and Score your way to victory in this amazing badminton tournament!

Tips for playing

Activate the power to gain an unfair advantage over your opponent.
Beware, your opponents are the top tennis players in the world!
Use your racquet and get creative to hit tough shots. Grab your opponent's weak point and finish with a smash!

How to control

  • Use A, D key or left/right arrow to move
  • Use J or K key to rotate
  • Use L key to smash

Various options for players online in the Power Badminton game

Select Character

There are 6 characters in the game Power Badminton. These characters are designed with different looks. You can use these characters for free. You can choose a female character or a male character depending on your preference. These characters have the same function. Therefore, you do not need to consider the stats and functions of these characters in the game. You just need to select your favorite character to start the game.


After choosing the character, you can choose the mode. There are 2 main modes: Training and Match. Training mode allows you to practice hitting badminton with a machine. You need to hit when the ball comes towards you. You can practice until you want to stop. Time is unlimited. In Match mode, you can play a badminton match between two characters. You need to control your character to score the 5 points first. Score 5 points to win a round. Whoever wins 2 out of 3 rounds will win the overall game.

Other options

This game also grants the player 4 different powers, including Speed ​​Burst, Super Smash, Illusion, and Time Slow. Each power-up allows you to use in battle to your advantage.

In addition, there are 3 balls in this game. You can choose one of the 3 balls for free. Finally, you can choose the venue. There are 3 different venues. Each venue is a match field with different colors and layouts. You can choose your favorite field for free.