About Roshambo

The fun game Roshambo is inspired by the game of rock-paper-scissors, familiar to everyone. Now you can fully play this fun classic game on your computer.

Are you ready to join the fun game, Roshambo? The game of rock-paper-scissors is a simple and familiar one for everyone. In life, sometimes this game is used as a way to make a quick decision. You will definitely like Roshambo because it is a simple game that gives off a fun vibe right from the start. It is completely different from Angry Ducks, when you have to complete many different tasks. In the game Roshambo, you will have 3 choices against your opponent, including scissors, hammer, and sack. The choice of which form to give will be random, and whether you win or lose is unpredictable. So Roshambo is a fun and relaxing game. completely different from the drama of the game Geometry Dash Lite.

To play the game Roshambo, you need to understand the rules of this game. You will have options like scissors, a hammer, and a sack. Pull the winning sack. The hammer frankly pulls. Bao wins the hammer. Both versus the computer and your pals are options when playing the game. Any of your friends are welcome to join you in the game and accept the challenge. The really straightforward yet stylish user interface is simple to learn all at once.