About Skater Kid

Skater Kid is an exciting sports game in which you have to control a girl to go skateboarding. Overcome all obstacles and reach the destination at each level.

The skateboarding movement attracts a large number of young people around the world. Skateboarding helps exercise. Besides, skateboarding is also an attractive game when players are conquering many interesting challenges. You can perform skillful, beautiful movements and experience a bit of adventure.

Skateboard is a street sport, players use a special rectangular board underneath with wheels attached. Skateboard players need to keep their balance while standing on the skateboard. At the same time, you have to control the speed and use basic to complex techniques to master the skateboard. Stand on the board, push the skateboard, rotate the skateboard, control the board in the air, etc. In addition, players can spin multiple laps on the spot like figure skaters. Turn around while sliding or crossing obstacles.

What are your missions?


All of these traits are incorporated into the game Skater Kid. You can enjoy amazing skateboarding races. Besides, the main character is a little girl. The girl has a passion for this sport of skateboarding. Take control of this girl to conquer exciting challenges in this sports game.

In order to control your character, you just need to use the control keys on the screen. In addition, you can also use the left arrow key and the up arrow key. These two keys have the same effect as the two control keys mentioned above.

Your character has two main abilities: slide and jump. Control your character to slide forward. Touch the finish line to complete a level. However, along the way, you will face obstacles. Jump over these dangers. You have one time to respawn. Please cherish this opportunity. Remember to collect all the gold coins along the way.

Like the Military Shooter Training game, the game has many different levels. Complete each level to receive different rewards. Furthermore, the difficulty of the level will gradually increase with complex obstacles. The terrain at each level will also change.

Release Date: Mon Jul 04, 2022