About Temple Run 2

Play Temple Run 2 to escape from a strange temple with a huge monster while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Collect coins and use boosters!

In this game, you are responsible for controlling your character by using the arrow keys to control. Use the up arrow key to jump. Press and hold this key to swing through dangerous abysses and jump over obstacles. Press the down arrow key to slide over the obstacles that you cannot jump over. Press the left and right arrow keys to change direction when meeting a turn. There are countless obstacles on your way and they appear continuously. Try to pass them and get the highest score possible. There is a dangerous monster chasing you. Run as fast as you can and don't get caught. Good luck!

The Temple Run 2 game is a fast-paced running game and your speed will increase following time. Try to adjust and conquer admirable records!

How to control: Use arrow keys to move.

Features to know in this game

This game is a famous running game. Like other running games like the Run 3 game, this game will take you to a challenging world with many different adventures. With this second version, the developer wants to bring players more interesting features. Let's find out together what features the Temple Run 2 game has. You can see four main items on the main menu, including Stats, Settings, Challenges, and Abilities.


In this section, you can track your stats across races. You can know your own abilities and achievements. You have two achievement tables for Single Run and Lifetime. In Single Run, you can see the highest score, H.S (No Save Me), Longest Run, and Most Coins. In Lifetime, you can have Total Runs, Total Distance, Total Coins, and Best Daily Streak. These stats will be updated regularly after each time you play. The highest achievements will be collected and stored to help players remember. You can watch or not watch if you want. It also won't affect your race.


This section is probably in any game you can see. The Setting section allows you to set the Music Volume and Sound Volume. Volume settings are very important in protecting your health during play. It is recommended to keep the volume moderate or low to protect your hearing. Besides, hearing the game's volume appropriately will help you enjoy the game in a more enjoyable way. Besides, the way to increase or decrease the volume is very simple. You just drag left to decrease and drag right to increase.


This running game also offers you a series of different challenges just like the Basket Random game. However, this game will only give you tasks one at a time to complete and receive prizes. Your first challenge is to run 1000 meters stumbling in one run. After you finish this challenge, more difficult challenges will be given. Perform them to get valuable prizes. Moreover, you will get daily tasks by joining the game every day. The number of coins you receive will increase day by day. For example, you get 200 coins on day 1. And it is 300 coins for Day 2, 400 coins for Day 3, and 500 coins for Day 4. After Day 5, your reward will increase to 1000 coins, 2000 coins, and 3000 coins.


  • The Temple Run 2 game gives you 3 main abilities. These abilities assist you in your run for higher achievements.
  • The first ability is Shield Duration which helps you create a shield and avoid any damage. You can go through obstacles and automatically turn to either side when you meet a turn. You can upgrade this ability with 250 coins for the first time. The next time, the price will go higher.
  • The second possibility is the Coin Magnet which helps you to suck coins around. In the usual way, you will have to touch the coins to collect them. However, if you activate this ability, you can collect coins at a longer distance.
  • The third possibility is Boost Distance which gives you speed and auto-run. You need to use 100 coins for the first upgrade.