About Sports Minibattles

Sports Minibattles is one of the most loved 2-player sports games. Exciting sports are waiting for you! Let's play each sport and gain admirable victory!

The most well-liked and popular sports of today are included in minibattles. You will be able to play four distinct sports games at this particular game like the Power Badminton game. You must attempt to defeat your opponent in each match in a competitive sporting contest.

It's important to pay attention and strive to make every move or point since the first team to score 5 goals wins each game! The game's captivating 2D graphics and physics make it fascinating. You might also appreciate the 12 physics-based MiniBattles if you liked this game.

There are 2 different game modes available. Split controls let you play against friends or an artificial intelligence opponent on a computer. If you play with your friends, the game will be entertaining.

How to control the Sports Minibattles game

1 player mode

  • Use left and right arrows to move
  • Use up arrow to jump
  • Use the A key to smash

2-player mode

To move

  • Player 1: use the A/D key
  • Player 2: use left and right arrows

To dance

  • Player: use W
  • Player 2: use up arrow

To smash

  • Player 1: use the spacebar
  • Player 2: use 0 or enter