Play which is a fascinating online survival game to pass the green and red lights to participate in the game and gain experience. It was created in the spirit of the Squid Game Netflix series. This game brings wonderful relaxing moments. If your find games with more exciting entertainment, you can try Friday Night Funkin',, and Basket Random.

Note when playing the game

When playing this game, you must give this game all of your attention. Even if you might be familiar with the game Squid, we wager that you haven't played it.

It's a game that moves at a rapid rate and is swift and dangerous. You are free to go when the green light turns on, but you must stop immediately when the red light turns on. The game's doll must be watched while it spins, but it is not the only regulation. When it starts singing, you can continue after that song. Everyone who keeps listening. After the song ends, you also have to stop moving. If you move while the doll doesn't sing, the game will end.