About Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis is a great tennis game. This game realistically simulates a professional tennis match. Join the exciting tennis game now.

This is the best tennis game ever. It is entertaining and thrilling. Like the Tennis Masters game, Stickman Tennis is a realistic tennis game that moves quickly. It takes place in a stunning setting with simple gameplay. To win the title of world dominance, defeat them all!

Stickman Tennis is a realistic tennis simulation with fast-paced action, stunning environments, easy controls, and a ton of replay potential. Play top spins, slices, loops, and smashes. Play along, inside-out, or cross. And decide whether to run automatically or manually.


  • You must be able to design your own player, personalize him, enhance him, and test his limits by competing with the finest players on the planet.
  • Play a fast match or compete in 100 different tennis seasons.
  • With 64 leagues, you can win prizes and raise your world standing throughout many seasons.
  • Also, practice your shots with the batting machine on the practice court.

Tennis table in the Stickman Tennis game

If you play the Power Badminton game, you will get many balls to compete with. In this tennis game, you will get various tennis tables instead of balls. In this game, you can lock 4 tennis tables. Each tennis table has a distinctive feature.

Their color is the highlight. You can see them in many eye-catching colors like blue, yellow, purple, or green. Moreover, these tables are combined with two colors to create a more competitive feel. You can unlock this table by defeating more opponents.