American Football Kick


 American Football Kick is a sports game based on the soccer game. In this game, your task is to control the power and the height of your shots to goal score.

Welcome to the new sports game inspired by American football! By participating in this sports game, you can express your goal skills through wonderful shots. This sports game will bring you interesting relaxing moments. Let's start this game and enjoy it!

 Pay attention to the screen! You will see a goal board where you need to shoot your ball to the goal and two bars. On the top of the goal board, the first bar is the power bar showing the power you will use to perform shots. The second bar is the height bar to control the height of shots. In the middle of these bars, you will see an area with a green border. Try to stop the joystick in this area to perform the greatest shots.

 You can play this game in endless simulation. However, if you use all the number of missed shots, you will lose.

 Features of American Football Kick

  • The attractive football game
  • Infinite races
  • Try to goal as many scores as possible

 How to control

  • Press the space bar to control