Basket Monsterz


 Join the most special basketball game in the game Basket Monsterz. A basketball competition takes place in the world of scary monsters. Join the monster basketball game now!
 Basket Monsterz is a fantastic basketball shooting game featuring adorable cartoon monsters! You may play with Satan and Bigfoot, among other monsters! You must compete in a basketball competition and strive to advance through each round by playing 1-on-1 against other monsters. Each match requires you to score as many baskets as possible within the time limit.

  • You get one point for each basket you make; the first player reaching 11 points wins.
  • You earn stars as you win matches, which you may use to purchase new monster characters!

How to play

  • To aim, generate energy, and form exact arcs, use YOUR MOUSE.
  • To unleash it, press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON once you've lined up to shoot!