About Basket Puzzle

Basket Puzzle game not only requires skill, but you also need to decode the direction of throwing the ball into the basket and score a goal.

At this unique basketball game, you will get the basketball in a whole new form. New and difficult Basketball Puzzles with lots of physics elements. You need to use your thinking, not your throwing skills like in a normal Basket Random game. The way to put the ball into the basket and score points is to use the fan, trampoline, and conveyor belt to throw the basketball into the basket. Your task is to drag and drop elements anywhere and start the simulation. Many interesting levels are waiting for you to decode.

How to play the Basket Puzzle game

You are provided with a wooden stick. Take this wooden stick and place it in the proper position. After the ball is activated, the ball will move along the wooden stick. If you place the stick wisely, you can win the game with a goal. If you put the wooden stick in the wrong position, your ball will not move into the basket. This game is a puzzle game and not a sports game like the Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 2 game. The game will become even more interesting with a series of obstacles. Moreover, this game has many different levels for you to challenge. Let's start this game right now.

How to control: Press and drag the stick to where you want to place it. Press the Play button to start throwing the ball.