About Color Snake 3D Online

Color Snake 3D Online is a fun and addictive game. You can share this game with your friends and you will have the best time playing this game.

In Color Snake 3D Online, you must move the snake through tricky roads by sliding your mouse. The snake can be moved in any direction but can not move backward. If you want to change its direction, click again on it and ensure that your snake will not collide with obstacles of different colors.

A special thing about this running game

You can increase the length of your snake if you eat circles of the same color. Eating circles of different colors will make you die. This feature of Color Snake 3D Online makes this game more interesting as well as challenging for all players out there who want to play this game.

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How to play the Color Snake 3D Online game

In the beginning, you need to choose your favorite animal skin to begin your parkour journey. Move around obstacles of the same color while avoiding those of other colors if you want to survive. Otherwise, you won't survive.