About Pencil Rush 3D

Play Pencil Rush 3D to enjoy pencil races. In the game, you have to control your pencil to collect as many pencils as possible. Note that you can only collect pencils of the same color. If you collect different colored pencils, the game will be over. In this game, you also face obstacles. Avoid these obstacles and reach the destination.

This game belongs to the arcade genre. You can play other games of the same genre on our website such as Clone Ball Rush, Stick Warrior Hero Battle, Ice Man 3D, and Basket Random.

How to play the Pencil Rush 3D game

Pencil Rush 3D is an enjoyable arcade game. Slide the pen across the surface of the table to gather more pencils. Watch out for the barrels, balloons, and other obstacles and avoid them.

Test your skills in the endless mode where you quickly shake to create ink. Although there are many obstacles in their way, players must still follow pencil lines to acquire more pencils in this simple but engaging game.