One More Pass

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About One More Pass

Join the game One More Pass to experience the ultimate soccer relay game. Your task is to pass the ball to your teammates and score goals.

Another exciting football season has begun. Join the tournament to compete for the championship. Pass the ball to your teammates and match well and score amazing goals! Pay attention to your opponents and distract them so the ball can reach your teammate's feet without being blocked. Then when the ball reaches your striker's feet, you can shoot and score. Try to score as many goals as possible.

This game is inspired by the sport of football which inspired many other online games like the 2 Player Imposter Soccer game. The players are in various locations on the map. A football feature is in front of you. Besides, a large green lawn is waiting for you to start running on it. This game will be great for you to play soccer alone because it doesn't have 2 player mode. However, this also does not affect the fun of the game. This One More Pass game has always received attention from millions of people around the world thanks to its interesting gameplay.

In addition, this ball game also has simple graphics. Like the Basket Random game, this game uses pixel art. Currently, this art is being widely used in many online games. The benefits of this art are undisputed. Your devices easily access pixel games without strong configuration.

Your mission in this soccer game

Your task is to kick the ball step by step to reach the goal. The gameplay of the game is quite new. Your players will line up until near the goal. You will pass the ball from one player to another until the ball reaches its destination. However, it is not easy to complete the mission because there are trials between your players. If the ball goes to your opponent, you lose. Note that your opponent can move.

One More Pass game includes many challenging levels waiting for your team. After the ball reaches the goal, you will proceed to the next level. Try to overcome as many levels as possible to gain the best score. In each stage, the deeper you go into the ring, the harder it will be for your opponent to defeat. They are very well defended. Try to pass all the levels to win the championship of this world-class football tournament.

How to control

  • A key or the left arrow key to move left.
  • D key or the right arrow key to move right.
  • W key or the up arrow key to kick for a ground pass.
  • The spacebar to kick for a lob pass.

Tips for playing the One More Pass game

  • Keep a close eye on the opponent when they are negligent, and pass the ball quickly to your teammates.
  • When the ball has reached the striker's feet, try to observe the goalie of the opponent and shoot into a dangerous position.
  • Observe the position of your opponents and pass as soon as the opponent moves away.
  • You can do a lob kick to do a pass through multiplayer at once. The ball will reach the goal faster. However, you will not control the destination of the ball. Therefore, there are many dangers.