About Pet Olympics

The Olympics are being held in the animal kingdom! Start the Pet Olympics game now to participate in Pet Olympics with your lovely pet. Can your pet win?

There are many sports like running, swimming and racing! Support different animals while vying for gold prizes! This game is inspired by Olympics with many different competitions. You can play Basket Random or Power Badminton. Play the sport you want!

Pet Olympics, commonly known as Pet Sports, are a group of animal-themed sports competitions. Every animal athlete in this game is preparing for the biggest sporting event. Let them train so they can compete and earn medals! The three stadiums or areas that make up the game. You can participate in sports activities specific to each region. Spend money on interesting items to add a charm or to improve your pet's strength. Wonderful time!

You just have to train your pet in sports like swimming, racing, and motor racing in this game which is one of the best ever. You can play it on mobile or tablet and the graphics are beautiful and amazing.

Pets in the Pet Olympics

You can choose 1 of 6 pets to participate in the Olympics tournament. Each pet has its own characteristics when competing. They are designed based on their real-life features. Which pets would you like? Do you like gentle or aggressive animals? Choose your favorite pet and start this game.

Lists of pets