Ping Pong Chaos


 Ping Pong Chaos is the most loved 2 player pitching game from the developer Rooftop Snipers! Join this crazy and fun ball to experience the unique newness now.

 Play crazy ping pong games in Ping Pong Chaos, a two-button sports game. Challenge the AI, but most importantly, challenge a friend to a local multiplayer game, where both players are on the same computer. Multiplayer battles in Ping Pong Chaos will be crazy, with customizable singles and tournaments. Your character can only jump left or right, thus sending the ball towards the opponent will demand a great level of prediction and accuracy.
 Your objective is to hit the ball and have it land in the opponent's direction. Each round features a unique map, ball, and random effects. When you score 5 times in a row, you win the match. But wait, it's not that simple! The controls are crazy, and hitting the ball is quite difficult. Not to add that touching the referee's table will result in your opponent losing points.

How to play

  • Player 1
    W to jump left
    E to jump to the right
  • player 2
    I jump left
    O to jump to the right