Join the exciting snowball rolling race in the game now! Start moving your cart to make big snow and take down your opponents!

Have you had a good time playing in the snow this winter? Snow games are fun. However, if you can't go outside, you can play an online snowball game at home. It's For those who enjoy snowball, I highly recommend the entertaining game This entertaining snowball fight should now begin. The only area available in the game is an iceberg in the middle of the ocean. Your goal is to eliminate every opponent on this ice so that you are the only one left. On a field covered in snow, you will encounter many opponents. But if you're adept at throwing snowballs and have quick reflexes, you'll come out on top.

Your ball will get bigger the longer you move. Then you can dispatch your adversary with ease. Shoot snowballs at your adversaries in an effort to hit them. Your size will expand once you eliminate the opponent, which is a significant advantage in this game. Always be aware of your rivals since they could suddenly turn the tables on you. Avoid moving outside since you risk being easily pushed off the ice in such scenarios.

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How to play

You hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to control your snowmobile. You release to push the snowball towards the opponent.