About Touchdown Glory

Touchdown Glory is a sports game based on the American football theme. You must control your character to avoid obstacles and throw a ball to the destination.

Features of Touchdown Glory

  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls
  • Various levels with different maps
  • 3 times to respawn

This game is inspired by the running game. This type of game does not appear often on our website. You will often find online games about basketball, tennis, and volleyball like the Basket Random game or the Ping Pong Chaos game. This game is a new game for multiplayer. Let's start the game and test your control right now!

Come to this game to experience eye-catching graphics and easy controls. You will be immersed in the race with 3D images. In particular, the movements of the characters are extremely unique. Your player can get somersaults in the air and throw balls far away.

Play the Touchdown Glory game

In this game, you will become a player on the American football team. You have the task of keeping the ball and throwing it to the finish line to complete the mission. In order to be able to throw the ball to the finish line, you need to control your character to avoid obstacles such as opposing team players, walls, or giant balls. Avoid collisions with these objects to protect your life. You have 3 times to respawn. Cherish these resurrections. Besides, you can collect gold coins and shields. The shield helps you against the opposing team's players. Moreover, you can also collect blue players to increase the number of your characters. When you collide with an opponent, a player is lost instead of ending the game. Note that you will also die if you hit both sides of the fence.

The game has many levels with different maps. Each level will give you a separate exciting experience with different obstacles. Can you conquer all levels in this game? Let's start the game and show your ability!

How to control: Slide your mouse to control your character.

Useful items in this game

  • Coming to this game, you will experience races with many different difficulties. You may have difficulty moving or avoiding obstacles. These races are impossible to pass without the help of items or boosters. This game offers you 5 main boosters: Balloons, Shield, Extra Player, Jumping Platform, and Jumping Pads. Each booster has a unique use.
  • Balloons appear in a bunch at various locations along the way. However, on each level, it appears only once. These balloons will help you levitate for a period of time. Flying in the air is safer because there are no obstacles. However, in the air, there are no coins. Therefore, you should decide whether to use balloons or not.
  • Shields appear once per level to help you defend against damage from obstacles or opponents. You can go through your opponent without taking any damage.
  • Extra Player: You can collect extra players to increase your character count. Increasing the number of characters means you have additional lives. You can respawn after death if you can collect extra players.
  • Jumping Platforms: Jumping platforms are slopes to help you perform somersaults and move forward. Thanks to this jumping platform, you can jump over the obstacle ahead with ease.
  • Jumping Pads help you jump and avoid opponents coming toward you.